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Stop hearing "I never got that file."

LitX makes it easy for legal staff to share discovery with opposing parties.

Log in through a web browser and exchange files for any case, including personal injury, family law, consumer law, business and commercial litigation, and products liability matters.

LitX is especially useful in multi-party cases, including mass tort and construction defect cases. With a few clicks, all parties are served simultaneously and additional parties can be added to any case, gaining immediate access to all previously shared files.

Level the Playing Field

Equal Access on Neutral Ground

Parties on LitX are on equal footing with equal control.  All parties have the convenience of keeping all discovery documents and files centralized in the cloud with the same access and privileges.  By providing equal control, with built-in accountability, adversarial parties can easily work together in a trusted, neutral space, eliminating much of the friction inherent in the discovery process.

Case Details
A Central and Accurate Source

And Nothing But the Truth

Much like traditional methods of service (mail, e-service, email, etc.) once uploaded onto LitX, documents and files cannot be changed, removed, or edited without permission of all parties. LitX preserves exchanged documents and files in their original state and keeps a log that provides an accurate accounting of document and file history.

Modernized Continuity

Improve Collaboration

Add a case to LitX and invite any member of your team to collaborate.  As team members come and go, cases can easily be transferred or reassigned.  New users have access to the entire case history at a glance and can immediately pick up where their predecessor left off.  No time is wasted nor revenue opportunities lost during times of turnover.


Getting Started with LitX

Inviting other parties to your case is free. Any party you invite will get a 90-day free trial of their own. 

Learn how easy it is to set-up a LitX Account and create Cases.

This video demo explains how to Invite guests to your cases.

LitX Core Principles



A single, intuitive platform to manage your entire docket.



Everything encrypted in transit and at rest with 256-bit advanced encryption and SSL. 



Preservation of documents and a verifiable audit trail provides all parties with an indisputable record of exchange.



Streamlined workflows accelerate information exchange, allowing you to spend more time generating additional revenue.



All parties have equal access to a shared repository, where nothing goes missing, ever.



LitX is a next-generation solution allowing you to upload and access files of almost any type, from anywhere, at any time, from your desktop, tablet, or mobile.